​​1) With the right energy broker, suppliers are almost always cheaper than your utility company.

2) By not locking in you are keeping yourself open to market vulnerability.
​2) Budgeting, by locking in you know what your costs are going to be for the year.
You are in control,

no surprises!

​​​​​Did you know that not every state is eligible to tap into energy savings? Find out what's available in your state.

why diamond energy?
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Discover Savings 

​​​​​​​​​Unlike other energy brokers who will try to convince you to sign up with their plan, without smart cost analysis, Diamond Energy will research and analyze your particular energy need to ensure that you are truly saving money. We compare energy prices to ensure you get the cheapst price.

​​​​​​​Where expertise meets integrity. 

Upgrade your business by reducing energy costs.

Licensed Energy Broker:

NJ License # EA-0310

OH License # 15-912E(1)

MD License # IR -3455

PA License # A-2015-2475422

 why contract your energy

​​​​​‎Diamond energy is an energy broker company which deals with a variety of electric suppliers and gas suppliers across the United States. In each area of the country different electric suppliers offer better rates. Diamond Energy knows the cheapest supplier in every area. 

To learn how deregulation could help you save money press here

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